[NERD] Initiates “SuperFriends” Powers

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Georgia-based firearm component and design house [NERD] released the first of several new products recently, designed and created in conjunction with other 3-Gun manufacturers.  These cooperative efforts, dubbed the “SuperFriends” collaborations, will be revealed across the 2016 season.

The first of these SuperFriends collaborations features perennial shotgun-loading manufacturer Invictus Practical of Tennessee.

"[NERD] is proud to partner with Invictus Practical on the new R12Q and  Mod_R12Q-RE shotgun loading system,” says Rob Romero, [NERD] pro staffer.  

With input by Romero, an IPSC Pan American Shotgun Champion in Standard Division and winner of numerous other state and championship shotgun and 3-Gun Nation regional Series events, this system is built for winners by winners.  

"The end result is a shotshell system that maximizes shell space on the belt while allowing for the most flexible orientation of the shells as possible,” Romero said. “Whether you are loading twos or fours, weak-hand or strong-hand, this system will allow the user to position the shells in the best possible place for the end user and their technique. This is the only shotgun shell loading setup on the market to allow the user to adjust angle and pitch on the belt to compensate for caddy roll over on the belt. You are no longer beholden to a fixed vertical or horizontal orientation.” 


The  [NERD] + Invictus Practical R12Q ad R12Q-RE allows the shooter to stack shells exactly as needed for your height, weight, gender or physique, all the while allowing for the most natural grab of the shells, whether you’re loading quads or deuces.

Specs: R12Q / R12Q-RE

  • -12-Round
  • -12 Gauge
  • -Quad-Load & Load-Two (strong hand or weak hand)
  • -Uniquely adjustable for outboard cant - as well as Shell Plate rotation angle, shell clip spacing, and ride height
  • -Includes all mounting hardware, in 18-8 Stainless steel
  • -Fully compatible with Tek-Lok, ELS, TMMS, MLS & more (sold separately)
  • -R12Q-RE is a backwards plate suitable for upgrading all legacy Invictus Practical products to the latest technology.

For more information or to order the R12Q or R12Q-RE visit: http://www.invictuspractical.com/rack-12q.html

About [NERD]:

[NERD] (Next Evolution Research and Design) was conceptualized in 2014 after being told by many in the gun industry that we couldn't do it or we shouldn't do it. Those words are motivation to [NERD]'s founders. All [NERD] products are designed and built by and for discerning shooters, competitors and craftsmen from all backgrounds.  All [NERD] products are built right in America, by Americans.  Small batches and controlled production runs ensure consistent quality and uniformity.  Nothing is mass produced as [NERD] strives to deliver only the best, a single unit at a time in some cases. Our mantra rings true in every aspect of our business:

It starts with your head, then use your hands, if you try it in reverse, you don't even have a chance.

For more information about [NERD] visit: WeAre-Nerd.com.

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