3-Gun Nation Airsoft/Airgun Challenge

Friday, April 15, 2016

Airsoft stages can incorporate movement, like traditional 3-Gun, as this match in Hong Kong did recently. 

3-Gun Nation Airsoft will debut in the United States as a side event at the 3GN Southwestern Regional Championship, presented by Freedom Munitions, at Copperhead Creek in Marble Falls, Texas May 14-15. The side match will run 8 AM – 5 PM during both days of the event.

Two full 3-Gun Airsoft stages, along with the top 10 competing in a Shoot-Off, are planned for this two-day side match. More than $2,700 in prizes will be up for grabs, provided by Umarex.

“There are many who would love to shoot 3-Gun, but haven’t tried it for one reason or another, and there are those that already shoot 3-Gun and would like more practice,” said Justin “JB” Biddle, Director of Marketing, Umarex. “Our support of the 3GN Airsoft/Airgun match in Texas will give more people that opportunity to shoot and experience the excitement of 3-Gun. More than that, we believe that our Umarex and Elite Force air-powered guns are ideal for various shooting disciplines, including 3-Gun, and 3GN provides an opportunity for shooters to tap into their competitive nature. We’re confident all of the prizes will be put into good use.”

Loaner guns will be available for all competitors, including Elite Force Race Gun Pistol, Elite Force M4 CQB Rifle, Lm4 KWA Rifle, Tokyo Mauri 870 Shotgun, and Sig Sauer MCX Air Rifle. Use of loaner guns and all ammo will be provided with the match fee: $20 to 3GN Members; $65 for non-3GN Members (fee will include a one-year membership, including six issues of 3GN Magazine; or take advantage of an airsoft-only membership, with no magazine, for $25).

3GN Airsoft/Airgun is a dynamic new shooting sport that challenges competitors with all three guns, navigating stages similar to the 3GN Classifiers used in traditional 3-Gun.

Whether inside or out, 3GN Airsoft is great for new shooters, training, or competing in alternative areas. 

3GN Airsoft also provides a great opportunity for access to the shooting sports in places where gun rights are more restrictive, serves as a great training tool for active action shooting competitors, and is designed to be a great introductory sport for anyone that might be interested in begging or intimated by 3-Gun or other action sports.

“When practicing with a firearm, you can end up practicing the same bad habits over and over, with the limitations of only being able to shoot hundreds of rounds a month,” said certified Coach Rob Potter, match director for Shoot Right, the Arizona-based 3GN Airsoft Club hosting the side event in Texas. “When practicing with airsoft, you get rid of bad habits because you can shoot thousands of rounds a month to break those bad habits.

“The only difference between shooting airsoft guns and a firearm is recoil, and recoil is after the fact the shot is gone,” Potter continued. “But airsoft gives you the ability to push yourself to another level that you may not try with your firearm.”

“Umarex USA and our airsoft division, Elite Force, has been working with Rob for almost three years now,” Biddle said. “We hosted our own introductory event near our home office last year at Chaffee Crossing (formerly part of Fort Chaffee) in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The attendance was twice what we expected and it wasn’t all youth. Participants ranged from eight years old to 65+ and encompassed both male and female at almost a 50/50 ratio. Some were already shooters; many were not. It gave us the opportunity to introduce and teach. This event, along with those that Rob has been running, solidified our notion that there’s a definitive interest in a competitive airsoft/airgun discipline.”

As an introductory sport, Potter has seen the effects of these stages, and the safe, non-intimidating shooting experience firsthand. Potter, through his Shoot Rite program, has put on several “Airsoft Experience”-type stages at locations ranging from matches to Bass Pro Shops parking lots.

Many new shooters, nervous at first, are surprised by the realism and anticipate the recoil. But the new experience is fun and positive, as the smile on their faces says it all, according to Potter.

“All of us in the shooting sports industry must not only be cognizant, but active in introducing people to the shooting sports,” Biddle added. “Airguns and airsoft guns provide a natural starting point. A person can learn safety, fundamentals, muscle memory, and expectations by utilizing an air-powered sporting gun. They provide an economical entry point financially and a very inexpensive way to practice. Once a person gets into firearms, shooting airguns do not replace practice and training with a firearm, but can still be used to supplement that time. Financially, the sport of 3-Gun with Airguns or Airsoft guns provides a venue for those who may not be able to financially participate. More than that, it gives competitors at all levels the opportunity to additionally compete in a sport that they enjoy.

“There’s another benefit to 3GN Airsoft/Airgun that you may not be considering,” Biddle continued. “There are some clubs or groups who may not have regular access to an outdoor range or some who live in climates that aren’t conducive to year-round events. 3GN Airsoft/Airgun events can be conducted indoors. This is a major benefit during the winter months—3GN Airsoft/Airgun allows you to participate in the sport you love year-round.”


3GN Airsoft/Airgun Challenge Prize Table, provided by Umarex

1st Place – HK M27 ($450); EF Battery ($20); EF BIO BBs ($16); EF Race Gun ($130); 12-pack, CO2 ($9); Total Prize Package - $625

2nd Place – Beretta ARX 160 ($275); EF Battery ($20), EF Bio BBs ($16), EF Race Gun ($130), 12-pack CO2 ($9); Total Prize Package - $441

3rd Place – EF M4 CQB ($170), EF Battery ($20), EF Bio BBs ($16), EF Race Gun ($130), 12-pack C02 ($9); Total Prize Package - $336

Prize Table down to 10th place – Total value, $2,757


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Clubs, get in the game—3GN Airsoft!

Any club, including active 3GN 3-Gun Clubs, can participate in 3GN Airsoft. 3GN Airsoft Classifiers are being designed now, and Clubs can sign up to participate in 3GN Airsoft through the membership portal—memberships.3gunnation.com. For individuals wanting to participate, only a 3GN membership is required—no extra fees to get running and gunning in this new 3GN Program!

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