Cactus Shooting League opens official 3GN Club in Phoenix

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The world's most exciting shooting sport has opened a club in Phoenix, AZ and has turned into one of the largest and most robust 3-Gun matches in the country. In the valley of Phoenix there are several 3-Gun matches, but Cactus Shooting League 3-Gun Nation match is the only one utilizing 3GN rules, targets and stages. 

Cactus Shooting League offers four (4) large scale stages at each monthly event, demonstrating shooting techniques found in a larger-scale event such as the 3-Gun Nation Regional Series. Theses larger stages force shooters to reload on the move and engage targets from various shooting positions. 

"They are shooting over 200 rounds each match" said Ryan Wiggins, 3GNAZ Match Director. "I want our shooters to be challenged with difficult courses on a monthly basis. We are striving to raise the bar when it comes to 3-Gun events in our area, and we needed a larger-scale monthly in Phoenix that will train our shooters for competitions like the Regional Series."

Match Director Ryan Wiggins pictured with a youth competitor at the Cactus Shooting League. 

In the past few years, 3-Gun Nation has turned the world of 3-Gun into a mainstream sport featuring national media efforts as well as a multi-tier competition platform and membership programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced competitors. 

3-Gun Nation offers several levels of competition programs within 3-Gun shooting. First and foremost is the Club Series which consist of locally run, smaller clubs much like Cactus Shooting League events at Ben Avery Shooting Center in Phoenix. Secondly is the Regional Series which feature multiple, large-scale events hosting members from across the United States. Lastly is the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series which features the top professionals in 3-Gun competing in a nationally televised elimination-style format. 3-Gun Nation Pro Shooters have the chance to qualify for the final championship match at the end of the year – in which $50,000 cash is the top prize. 

Match Directors Ryan Wiggins and Assistant Match Director Tj Meisaichi hope to start hosting larger-scale matches by 2017. They have successfully converted one of the longest running clubs in the nation (over 30 years) into a host for the 3-Gun Nation system and have purchased new rifle rated steel, 3GN regulation barricades and barriers. Future plans include long range steel, specialty targets and aerial shotgun arrays. 

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