SureFire Muzzle Brakes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steadily gaining ground with practical shooting competitors, SureFire’s muzzle brakes significantly reduce recoil and muzzle rise, enabling faster follow-up shots on target, a critical component in action shooting. Utilizing SureFire’s proprietary Impulse Diffusion design, minimal gas blowback is directed into the shooter’s face, important for competition or duty use alike.

Developed by Team SureFire’s Mike Voigt, who has used the muzzle brake to win numerous United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Multi-Gun Nationals, and Barry Deuck, head of the Suppressor Division, who also turned in a third-place finish in the 2009 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, SureFire’s muzzle brake serves as a remarkable blend of science, a SureFire staple, and competitive shooting experience.

“When we score these events, it’s based on accuracy and speed,” said Voigt, who is also president of USPSA. “So as soon as you can hit the targets, how you hit them faster (scores as) bonus points for us. One of the tools that I use to do this is the SureFire muzzle brake. One of the things you usually see on an unsuppressed gun, is you get a lot of movement up to the one to two o’clock area. When you put a muzzle brake on the gun, it reduces it. But we’ve really tuned this brake to almost eliminate it.”

SureFire muzzle brakes also serve as adapters, precisely machined platforms that provide a solid mounting surface for SureFire’s renowned Fast-Attach suppressors. Known for their minimal impact shift after attaching/detaching, SureFire suppressors have become critical pieces of gear for U.S. law enforcement and military personnel.

“The bottom line with this is when I’m looking through the scope, I’m trying to acquire a target,“ Voigt said. “Once I fire the target is right there again. Usually it’s waiting for me.”

The SureFire muzzle brake, along with Fast-Attach suppressors, are also an integral part of the 3-Gun Nation Tour. Each rifle used in the 3-Gun Nation shoot-off will be equipped with SureFire muzzle brakes and suppressors, as the best 3-gunners in the world square off, ultimately gunning for the 3-Gun Nation championship and $25,000.

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