5 Big Things from 3GN in 2017

Monday, November 7, 2016

1. 3GN Long-Range Matches

Though some folks have the idea 3GN is only about the bay-style match, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Long range and natural terrain Regional Series courses aside, we’re offering up some exclusive long-range opportunities starting in 2017. Aside from Regional long-range courses and the past Tame the Tower events, we’re excited to develop more and more long-distance shooting for our members, so we’ll have a beta test match Nov. 19-20 at VIR. Click HERE to get involved.

2. 3GN Pistol

3-Gun Nation has continued to grow and develop over the years. And each step of the way we try to grow this organization with the goal of providing more for members and member clubs. In 2017, 3GN Pistol will launch at the club level across the U.S. and abroad. Classifier stages are being built as we speak, and one big match is being discussed in the think tank. Stay tuned.


3. Shotgun & Pistol Side Shoots at 3GN Regionals

The hit of 2016 was undoubtedly the Shotgun Speed Shoots at the 3GN Regionals. We love ‘em! The format is fast, furious, and so much fun for staff and shooters alike. Plus thanks to Nordic Components we got to pay out some duckets to our members! What could be better? Well, we’re doubling down by adding more to the calendar in 2017, including a mix of Shotgun Speed and 3GN Pistol at the Regionals.


4. 3GN eStore

Like it or not :), we are part of the firearm industry, and many of our programs are based on relationships built with companies that support the shooting sports. So we’re working with as many of them as possible in 2017 to bring you the ultimate online shopping experience—a one-stop shop for everything 3-Gun, Pistol, conceal carry, hunting and more. We are stoked to get this store up and running, with special store discounts exclusively for 3GN Members and Club Directors alike. 


5. Trophy Option at 3GN Regionals

We are always about providing options for 3GN Members. We’ve been talking around the campfire for some time about creating a cost-reducing alternative for more members to enjoy our bigger matches, most notably the Regional Series. As such, we’re going to offer up a reduced match fee in 2017 for folks only wishing to compete for trophies, not prize table. Of course the prize table option, and the standard fee, will remain available as well. Depending on how many take this option, the potential for awarding by every Classification, in every division, could be on the table. We shall see.

That’s a quick update on the 3GN Big Board for 2017. As the plans further develop, look for more detailed information on 3GunNation.com and in 3-Gun Nation Magazine. JOIN and ENJOY >

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