3GN Long Range Builds 3-Gun Rifle Skills

Monday, December 12, 2016

3GN Club Series Long Range Matches Provide Unique Rifle Opportunities for 3GN Members

While the temperature dropped across most of the country this weekend, the competition level continued to rise within 3GN's newest program, 3GN Long Range, as several 3GN Members took to the range to take on long-distance steel during the latest Club Series match at VIRginia International Raceway.

Natural terrain, alternative shooting positions and an elevated 80-foot tower combined to provide a unique backdrop for 3GN Long-Range competition, with a couple dozen 3GN Members taking part in the Club Series level event. 

Joseph Burdock got overall top score out of the Practical division in a time of 421.55. Eric Eckhardt (461.01) finished second, followed by Dustin Holloman (466.71), Jason Byerly (581.81) and Edward Paradise (712.43).

Terry Gower topped the field in Heavy with a time of 453.06, while Neil Hudspeth (545.84) finished second, followed by Todd Vanlangen (614.48), Rick Henson (618.93) and Chris Andrews (685.24). Butch Hylton topped the field in Unlimited with a time of 874.42, while Scott Whitehead took the honors in Extreme Bolt Gun in a time of 478.87. 

3GN Long Range brings long-distance shooting to the 3GN Club Series, and at its highest level requires advanced knowledge in ballistics and more rock solid fundamentals in breath control, trigger control and position shooting. Alternative shooting positions, from both barricades and field expedient structures, test those abilities, with bullet drop, wind calls and positions imparting more effect on the shot than normally encountered in a 3-Gun setting. While the challenge can be great, the payoff can be dramatic improvement in rifle skills for the 3-Gun competitor. In short, shoot 3GN Long Range and you're likely to see improvement in your 3-Gun rifle game!

"At the last two matches, 3-Gunners have taken the top positions, using their 3-Gun rifles," said Charles Sole, match director. "It's easy access for 3-Gun competitors. Just leave your shotgun at home, and get a better, more powerful optic for your 3-Gun rifle. 

"I'm excited about merging precision rifle with the dynamics of 3-Gun movement, stage planning and marksmanship," Sole continued. We have developed very simplified divisions and scoring, with four divisions, including Extreme Bolt Gun, Heavy, Practical and Unlimited. Max distance is 650-700 yards, and anything beyond 600 gets a full E-type or 18x24-inch presentation, so you know what to expect. Ultimately, we are keeping in the 3GN philosophy of setting up the competitor for success. The beauty of 3GN Long range is that it will only strengthen your 3-Gun game. So I encourage match directors everywhere to look at bringing this to your club. Whether long, natural terrain, or our coming 3GN Long Range Classifiers, there's something for everyone in 3GN Long Range."



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