3-Gun Shooter Jennifer Seymour Joins Team ZT

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Shooter's Mindset co-host will be adding Zero Tolerance knives to her gear

TUALATIN, OREGON — Just four years ago, Jennifer Seymour knew nothing about guns.

Today, she's a co-host of The Shooter's Mindset Internet TV show, a 3-Gun Nation competitor, an advocate for the sport of competitive shooting—and now she joins the roster of competitive shooters sponsored by Zero Tolerance Knives.

In her everyday life, Jennifer helps save lives as an Emergency Room Assistant Nurse Manager in a Level 1 Trauma Center. She is also the mother of three teenagers. She first got involved with shooting for personal and family protection, asking a friend to teach her to shoot. She fell in love with shooting almost instantly.

"I started competing in 3-Gun [Nation events] in March, 2014 and was instantly hooked," says Jennifer. "I love everything about competitive shooting—the challenges, the physical demands, the mental game, the people, the shooting, and hearing "HIT!" followed by "ping" on the long-range shots. I have met wonderful people and learned more about shooting than I ever thought possible. I want to continue to learn and improve my skills and am working hard in order to do so."

For more than two years, Jennifer has served as a co-host on The Shooter's Mindset, interviewing competitive shooters as well as members of the firearms industry.

"We're proud to welcome Jennifer to Team ZT," said Zero Tolerance Marketing Manager Susan Dundas. "We appreciate the work she does on The Shooter's Mindset and her precision in 3-Gun competitions. Plus, we think she'll enjoy hearing the "thwack" of her ZT opening almost as much as hearing the "ping" of those long-range shots. We're confident Jennifer will value the quality that Zero Tolerance has to offer."

The Shooter's Mindset can be seen live on YouTube on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST.

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