3GN Partners with Dissident Arms for SW Regional Championship

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

3GN Featured Club to Provide Stage Design, Partner on Running Championship Event

3-Gun Nation recently partnered with one of its Featured Clubs, Dissident Arms, to provide stage designs and multiple levels of match support for the upcoming 3GN Southwest Regional Championship, at the Cawthon Cartridge Club (CCC) in Navasota, Texas, March 3-5.

The CCC facility is the home range for Dissident Arms, lead by Mike Whitesides and Lan Nguyen, who have become known in 3-gun circles as being competitors, company representatives and local match administrators.

At the 3GN Club level, Dissident Arms has been a member club since 2014 and has been turning out some truly quality matches in recent years. Often taking a welcome approach of preparing their local shooters for the next upcoming major, this time its all about what the crew can put together on their home range.

“It is great to finally use the range to its full potential,” Whitesides said. “We build stages as big as we can monthly, but we are going all out for this one.

“There are going to be some real burner stages, but you’re going to have to know how to use the throttle,” Whitesides continued. “We designed stages that will be great for everyone and still challenge the best. ‘We know competition’ is more than a slogan.’”

Look for a challenging, balanced match that features technical, bay stages, along with some longer presentations as well.

“What we’ve carved out here with Dissident Arms represents another step in the continuing evolution of major match presentation for 3-Gun Nation,” said 3GN Regional Series director Charles Sole. “We’re looking to partner with other experts in the field, and partner at a meaningful level that can bring some benefit to the home club or range. Then after we partner, these local experts will have more resources than ever before to take their already fine shooting opportunities to the next level. And the real benefit, in the end, will go to the 3GN Member, who gets a championship level match, one with more creativity, more challenges and ultimately, more fun!”

The 3GN Southwest Regional Championship also plays host to two 3GN Pro Series events as well as a Shotgun Speed Shoot that is open to the public. 

Two courses of instruction will also be offered in Texas: Competition Shotgun with Keith Garcia, along with 3-Gun 101: Basic Training. For more information, go to https://3gntraining.com.

To register for the SW Regional Championship, click HERE. To compete in the Shotgun Speed Shoot, visit HERE

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