New 3GN target designed for single-gun and multi-gun events combined

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

If you haven't seen these targets from 3GN yet, you will. 

The new 3GN targets were designed by 3GN Director of Competition Rob Romero in conjunction with the 2017 rules update from 3-Gun Nation. If you're not aware, 3GN has completely overhauled its rulebook for 2017 to not only include 3-Gun, but single-gun disciplines as well. If you haven't given it a read, you can do so here >>>

Moving forward, local 3-Gun Nation Club Series match directors now have the ability to combine multi-gun and/or single-gun stages in one club-level event, on the same day if desired. By using the revised 3GN spreadsheet, Match Directors can now upload one document and provide 3GN classifications in multiple disciplines. 


The target may look a little different, but the thought behind it is rooted in innovation. Each target features a typical 8-inch circle as well as a 4-inch circle inside of the 8-inch circle. However, there also features a 4-inch circle to the top right of the square target.

But before you have a heart attack, read this:

The 4-inch scoring zones act as a .25-second bonus that is deducted from your overall time on the stage. So being accurate and quick can pay off pretty big throughout the course of a match. This rewards accuracy, however, does not restrict from traditional scoring zones. 


Everything rule-wise that you're used to will essentially be the same when competing in 3GN Pistol-Only. The only real difference is scoring. Notice how there are no outer perfs? In single-gun, 2 hits on paper are required and both shots must be within either the 8-inch or 4-inch circles. Shots outside of the 8-inch circle incur a .50-second penalty per shot.

So basically 3GN has taken the fun, speed and simplicity of common scoring methods and utilized its pre-existing, simplified ruleset to create a fun platform for single-gun combined with its multi-gun platform.…/official-3-gun-nation-targets.html

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