Rio Ammunition sponsors 3GN East Regional Shotgun Speed Match

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rio Ammunition is a Texas-based shotgun ammunition company with a long history of supporting the competitive shooting sports. As such, Rio has committed 24,000 rounds of shotgun ammunition as prizes for the 2017 3-Gun Nation East Regional, presented by NRA Sports being held at the Clinton House Shooting Range in Clinton, South Carolina.

Aside from offering a plentiful bounty of ammunition on the Sunday evening Regional awards ceremony, 100 rounds of Rio Ammunition will be given to each competitor who joins the shotgun speed side-match held all weekend. The match is expected to have around 80-90 targets and the entry fee is $75.

The Shotgun Speed match consists of 5 par-time stages and one tiebreaker stage, which is also a 3-Gun Nation classifier for its national Club Series. Each course features a mixture of falling steel targets. Each stage and each equipment category will have a different par time assigned in which competitors will attempt to knock over as many targets as they can within that time frame. Each course will challenge not only shooting ability, but loading and engagement strategy along with bonus targets.

The Shotgun Speed match is separate from the main 3-Gun match for 3-Gun Nation members, however it is open to the public and all 3GN members competing in the East Regional event. The match can be completed in approximately 1 hour and opens on Friday, May 5th at 4 pm EST. Additional times are 11 am on both Saturday and Sunday respectively. 

The match also features a cash payback of 75% of the entry fees collected as well as random draw cash prizes.  


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