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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The 2017 3GN Pro Series Tour, presented by NRA Sports, returns via 3GN Live! this weekend with two consecutive nights of stacked fields in South Carolina.

A past runner-up, a champ, a few rookies and multiple contenders mark Pro Series Events 6 and 7 from the Clinton House as the season steams full ahead into two of the final qualifying matches of the season. 

In Event #6, youth, experience and speed will attempt to dethrone a champion, as young Ty Starling, along with Gabe Dietrich, Ravin Perry, Bruce Taylor and Mike Green look to upset former champ Greg Jordan.

Meanwhile, Event #7, Mark Hanish, who took 2nd place on the Pro Series a few seasons ago, headlines a field full of talent, including Joe Pitha, Tommy Smith, Joseph Guthrie, Garrett Howell and Jarred Schaffer.

The combined talent of these two fields make it arguably the most exciting weekend of shooting on the Pro Series all season long, and with just two slots for the 3GN Championship available in each match, the shooting will no doubt be intense!

3GN Pro Series Event #6

•  Greg Jordan

•  Ravin Perry

•  Ty Starling

•  Gabe Dietrich

•  Bruce Taylor

•  Mike Green

WATCH LIVE HERE Friday, May 5 at 7:30 PM EST 

3GN Pro Series Event #7

•  Mark Hanish

•  Joe Pitha

•  Tommy Smith

•  Joseph Guthrie

 Garrett Howell

•  Jarred Schaffer

WATCH LIVE HERE Saturday, May 6 at 7:30 PM EST 

 Along with the two primetime broadcasts of the 3GN Pro Series, look for 3GN Live to hit the airwaves all weekend long, bringing you all the action, shooting tips, gear information and more, from the East Regional Championship, presented by NRA Sports! 


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