3GN Airsoft to partner with PMC

Monday, May 15, 2017

3-Gun Nation and PMC Airsoft have reached an agreement recently to work in cooperation to grow the 3GN Airsoft Program in Florida as well as Latin America.

PMC Milsim Airsoft Store was founded by a team of experienced airsoft players from South Florida who shared the same objective: elevate the airsoft sport to a higher level and raise the awareness about this awesome sport among all the South Florida population as well as Latin America. The store specializes in every category of airsoft equipment, and the management is committed to growing competitive Airsoft.

“We’re really happy to be partnering with 3-Gun Nation on this endeavor” said Elias “Doc” Querales, PMC Airsoft coordinator. “Through the 3-Gun Nation ruleset and classifier system for 3-Gun, we will be able to compare scores against other players across the USA and internationally.”

“The 3GN Airsoft program is set-up exactly like our 3-Gun program” said Pete Brown, 3-Gun Nation President. You simply sign-up your airsoft club as a match director, download our classifier diagrams and run them in your local club event. From there you upload your scores and your 3GN Airsoft members who have memberships with 3-Gun Nation will be scored and ranked.”

PMC Airsoft will be announcing the dates and location of the first competition as a 3GN affiliated club on May 26th – 28 that Altair Training Solutions in Immokalee, Florida. And their Goal is to make this competitions available to all ages from 12 and up to make this new discipline for the practice of the sport accesssible to everyone.

To register or to learn more about PMC Airsoft visit https://pmcairsoft.com 

To get in touch with them to set up local competitions anywhere in South Florida or Latin America contact doc@pmcairsoft.com

To Join 3-Gun Nation as an Airsoft membership ($25), visit

If you are an Airsoft match director and would like to join your club, you must first join 3GN and then register your club here: http://memberships.3gunnation.com/Account/GlobalLogin?ReturnUrl=%2f

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