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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3GN Adds PCC Challenge to Pure Gold Extreme Shotgun Challenge July 21-23

Fans' of 3GN's, or even USPSA's, PCC division have a new match opportunity, with the recent addition of a 3GN PCC Challenge to the upcoming Pure Gold Extreme Shotgun Challenge, July 21-23, at Carolina Guns and Gear, in Franklinville, NC.

A one-day format for each discipline, competitors can choose to shoot one match (one-day format) or both matches (two-day format). The Pure Gold Extreme Shotgun Challenge will comprise around 13 stages, featuring birdshot and slugs. The PCC match will feature around 11 stages, and is expected to be fast and furious!

Approximate round count is set at 450 rounds, with stages expected to feature 35-45 rounds each.

3GN’s Unlimited PCC rules for this match are compatible with USPSA rules, allowing for two optics, coupled magazines and no restriction on muzzle brake size.

Both the shotgun and PCC matches will be designed around 3GN’s single-gun rules: 3GN Regional Rules.

The Pure Gold Extreme Shotgun Challenge has a guaranteed cash payout of at least $10,000, courtesy of Pure Gold Chokes. Due to the large cash payout structure for the shotgun event, any competitor competing in both the shotgun and PCC matches will be required to shoot shotgun prior to PCC.

The PCC match will be shot primarily on 7/22-23, with overflow competitors pushed to 7/21. Prizes and awards will follow the event on Sunday, 7/23.

Ammo can be shipped the following: CGG Range & Training Complex, 5068 Highway 64 E. Franklinville, NC 27248.

The PCC Challenge match fee is $115 for that single match, or $95 for competitors also competing in the Pure Gold Extreme Shotgun Challenge. Juniors can compete for a reduced fee of $80.

Rules: http://3gunnation.com/rules



SHOTGUN MATCH SIGN UP: http://3gunnation.com/event_details?id=30723

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