Caldwell Shooting Supplies Pic Rail XLA Bipod

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Increase Shooting Stability with Adjustable, Modular Bipod

The new Caldwell Pic Rail XLA Fixed Bipods provide a stable shooting platform that conveniently attaches to almost any pic rail forend. The integrated 1.5 inch long pic rail clamp fastens directly to a firearm's pic or quad rail. The bipods are collapsible so they can remain affixed to a firearm for easy transport. The XLA Bipods are designed with quick target acquisition in mind, featuring an adjustable cam lever lock for rapid deployment, and adjustable leg height for achieving the perfect positioning!

Features Include:
Available in two models: 6"-9" and 9"-13"
Lightweight aluminum design
Soft rubber feet for enhanced stability
Spring loaded legs with lock out knobs
Cam over lever secures bipod to pic rail firmly

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