5 things to know about the $10,000 shotgun event

Monday, June 26, 2017

July is a month highlighted by the 4th, where backyard barbeques and Budweiser reign supreme across our beloved country. Fun times with family and friends and the oohs and ahhs of fireworks across the sky. Well, approximately two weeks after that happens the real fun begins.

The Pure Gold Chokes EXTREME Shotgun Challenge kicks will take place on July 21-22 in North Carolina and it will be epic. Here’s why:

1. The Prize Table: The event’s title sponsor, Pure Gold Chokes, has donated $10,000 in CASH to be distributed to competitors for the awards. No, its not $10,000 for first place, its $10,000 to be divided and tiered down through the field. This will include a minimum of $1,000 for each division—Practical, Factory, Unlimited and Heavy.

2. Random draws: Do you suck? We’ll if that’s the case you may have a chance to win anyway. 3GN will random draw select prize amounts so everyone who shoots the match has a fighting chance at beer money.

3. The PCC Division: Shoot the shotgun match on Saturday, shoot your Pistol Caliber Carbine match on Sunday… or vice versa. This event will coincide with the shotgun match. Why can we do this? Because you can shoot 9mm at any steel or paper target used in the shotgun match, so we offer do both events the same weekend, on the same stages. The PCC match will consist of 10-11 Stages and 35 to 45 rounds per stage. Approximate Round Count is 450 rounds!

4. The Match fee: Events like this can cost upwards of $250 or $300 or more. But like the 3-Gun Nation Regional Series, this event is competitively priced. The shotgun match fee is $125 for “Trophy Only” (BTW Pure Gold is making some kick ass trophies), and $175 to qualify for the cash pot. Remember, $50 of that kicks into the pot.

The PCC match fee is $115, or only $95 if you are also shooting the shotgun match. Juniors can shoot the PCC event for only $80.

5. The Range: Carolina Guns and Gear is locatedin Ashboro, North Carolina and is a retail outlet that features a wide variety of guns and ammo for hunters, shooters, competitive shooters and zombie killers. But the kicker is they have a sweet shooting range with bays and natural terrain. You can be certain that Charles, Chris and our entire match set up crew will be using every square inch to help you achieve shotgun nirvana.   




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