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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New issue online now for members.

The latest digital editionof 3-Gun Nation Magazine is now online for members. This edition features news and updates from both the 3-Gun Nation Pro and Regional Series of events from 2017. Also, be sure to see our new classifier updates as well as exclusive member deals from Freedom Munitions!READ MORE>>>

Pure Gold Shotgun Chokesput up $10,000 CASH to the field for this weekend's event in Ashboro, North Carolina. Same event will also feature a PCC division...Read More >>>
Each year Grunt Styleputs on a massive throw down for our warfighters. After all, Grunt Style is the masterminds behind the "100% Beer Guarantee." We got an exclusive VIP pass to the event and it did not disappoint.Read More >>>
The 2017 3-Gun Nation Regional Series,presented by NRA Sports visited 5 ranges in 5 months. Each event offered diverse course designs and new faces in the crowd...Read More >>>
The 2017 3-Gun Nation Pro Serieshas been nothing short of electrifying this year. With tight match ups and surprising upsets, each crop of shooters continues to impress in 3-Gun Nation's Eliminator format...Read More >>>
Now in its 3rd full year,the 3-Gun Nation Club Series and classification system has reached full stride. Learn about how any range, big or small, can allow access to 3-Gun Nation for local shooters.Read More >>>

3GN Training – Basic 3-Gun Class with Mike Sexton

This 1-Day course offers athorough rundown of what you need to know before competing in your first 3-Gun.

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3GN Training - 2-Day Long Range Rifle Class

Learn Long-Range Rifle marksmanship from a decorated military marksman...Aug. 18-19

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