Jarrett Wins Foxtrot Mike PCC Challenge

Monday, July 24, 2017

Blackhawk Pro Doubles Up on 3GN Event Weekend, Winning Shotgun, PCC Challenges

Todd Jarrett was simply the story of the weekend, picking up the rare double by winning the Foxtrot Mike PCC Challenge a mere day after winning the Practical division of the Pure Gold Chokes Extreme Shotgun Challenge. The rare blend of matches, creating a competition weekend, was supported by 3GN Club Carolina Guns & Gear, as the partner club provided range setup and prizes for the table.

And this was no cakewalk either, as each competitor battled a heat index over 100 degrees, first competing in a shotgun match that featured 400 rounds and 30-50 round stages of fire with tremendous movement. Then many of the field refitted their belts and switched over to some 9mm fun, taking the same course of fire in a tough Pistol Caliber Carbine match.

And that grueling two-day format makes Jarrett’s win even more impressive, his time of 368.44 including 11.75 second of bonus time on 3GN’s new single-gun target and rule system, against just one penalty for the entire match, a stark contradiction to the rest of the field.

In fact, when you break down the target bonus and penalty, and compare Jarrett’s times to the those in contention, it’s clear the veteran pistol shooter’s command of pace versus points and scoring, a hallmark of USPSA-style competition, contributed to his big win.

A 3GN Competitor races through a stage with his 9mm Carbine.

Josh Froelich (373.65) finished second, followed by Bruce Taylor (386.28), Gabe Dietrich (391.34) and Rob Romero (392.97). Joseph Pitha (411.85) finished sixth, followed by Chris Woomer (446.74), Michael Whitesides (449.84), Samuel Rydberg (455.33) and Kyle Sole (458.43).

Brady Lawing (464.95) took top junior honors, while Cindi Dietrich (614.47) won high lady.

Several random draws, including product from Taccom and Invictus Practical, along with cash from 3GN, gave 3GN Members more opportunities to win, while cash payouts included $500 to high lady and high junior.

And the match was challenging. Aside from the heat, competitors took on a round count of 200 within a tough course of fire featuring tons of steel and tremendous movement.

“Its another evolution in match design,” said match director Charles Sole. “It was a championship level shotgun match, and we also gave our members PCC as well.

“I think the PCC match had a heavy amount of steel, so it required tremendous accuracy,” Sole explained. “A lot of small steel target presentations made this match really challenging.”

Pistol Caliber Carbine is one of the latest program innovations from 3GN, one the organization believes delivers a tremendous opportunity to 3GN Clubs. It’s a great entry point for new shooters, and it gives smaller bay-style ranges much more versatility in match presentations. There’s simply a lot of fun that can be had putting on 3GN PCC matches, whether PCC only, or within the 3-Gun rulebook.

The Pure Gold Chokes Extreme Shotgun Challenge trophy was custom made by Bill and Cindy Davis of Pure Gold.

“The cool thing about PCC, you can just stick a spare magazine in your back pocket and roll,” Sole said. “This might be the most easily accessible match format to break into competitive shooting, and you’re going to see a lot more from 3GN with this format in the near future. A pistol-PCC combo major match from 3GN in the future is an absolute certainty.”

And with veteran pistol shooters like Jarrett fairing so well, a 3GN Major Pistol-PCC event could just be the next big thing.

Look for a more detailed report on the entire competition weekend in the upcoming issue of 3GN Magazine.

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