3GN Shoot-Off For All Classifications at 3GN Nationals!

Monday, August 14, 2017

3GN is Opening up the 3GN Shoot-Off to all levels of 3GN Membership at Signature Event

3-Gun Nation is pleased to announce the 3GN Shoot-Off, arguably the most exciting event in all of 3-Gun, will be opened up to all 3GN Classifications during 3GN Nationals.

Highlighted by the 3GN Pro Series Championship, now 3GN Members of all 3GN Classifications will get an opportunity to compete before 3GN Live on a national stage.

To be considered for a 3GN Class Shoot-Off, the deadline for 3GN Club Series Classifiers is 5 PM MST, Sept. 4. All Clubs must have their scores submitted by the deadline for their competitors’ scores to be adjusted and considered for any 3GN Class Shoot-Off. Shoot-Off slots will be determined by the number of registered competitors at 3GN Nationals within each 3GN Classification.

Pro Series Championship competition will take place on both Friday and Saturday nights during nationals. Each night, a number of Classification Shoot-Offs will add to each night’s events.

The 3GN Classification Shoot-Offs will be based solely on class, not division. The course of fire will be created as division neutral as possible, meaning the best scores, potentially from any division, will have the opportunity to battle for the title of 3GN Class Shoot-Off Champion. Plaques will be awarded to the winner of each Class Shoot-Off.

(Note: Invites will go to the top competitors in each class, regardless of division. Also, competitors are free to compete with any type of gear they wish; regardless of what division the competitor is registered within 3GN Nationals. This is an extra, fun event to make the 3GN Shoot-Off more inclusive to 3GN Membership, creating competition, the opportunity to be featured on 3GN Live, and a championship plaque for the winners. 3GN looked at the possibility to run these shoot-off by division, however there isn’t sufficient time at this event. However, we will take the data from this event and apply it toward expanding on 3GN Class Shoot-Offs at each Regional and Nationals in 2018).

The 3GN Shoot-Offs, 3GN Nationals and 3GN Pro Series Championship are all part of the 3GN Championships & Shooting Sports Expo, taking place November 10-12 at VIRginia International Raceway in Alton, VA. The event will be featured all weekend long on 3GN Live, streaming live to the public via Livestream and Facebook Live. 

3GN Shoot-Off Schedule

  • Friday, Nov. 10
  • 6:30 PM: Junior, Lady, Amateur, Marksman. The top four competitors, based on 3GN Club Series scores, will be invited to participate in the Shoot-Off.
  • 8:30 PM: 3GN Pro Series, 1st Round: The Pro Series field of 16 will qualify down to the final eight.
  • Saturday, Nov. 11
  • 6:30 PM: High Marksman, Expert, Semi-Pro, Pro (non Pro Series)
  • 8:30 PM: 3GN Pro Series Finals, Top 8 Shoot-Off for the title of 3GN Pro Series Champion

All 3GN Class Shoot-Off competitors will be pre-selected based on 2017 3GN Club Series classification scores. The field will be selected from paid, registered competitors within 3GN Nationals. The deadline for 3GN Nationals registration, to be considered for a 3GN Class Shoot-Off, is Friday, Oct. 27. 

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