2 Ladies-Only 3-Gun Clinics You Don't Want to Miss

Friday, August 25, 2017

It's no secret that female participation in the firearms sports, whether for self-defense, recreation or for competition, continues its upward trend. According to a 2016 NSSF survey, the influx of new shooters continues to be disproportionately made up of younger people, non-hunters, females, and those from urban and suburban areas. Also according to the report, one of the main motivations for any range activity is to spend time with friends and family. 

But we don't need this report to know that he female participation in shooting activities continues to increase. As such, 3GN Training is proud to be affiliated with two great classes coming up this year that are by ladies, for ladies. 

3GN Instructor Tina Martin-Nims

3GN Ladies-Only Basic Training Class at 3GN Nationals

November 9th, 2017 at Virginia International Raceway; Alton, VA

Led by Tina “Sparky” Martin-Nims, this intensive, one-day course designed specifically for female shooters who want a rock solid foundation in 3-Gun. The course will cover 3-Gun rules, range commands & etiquette, and mental management strategies for competition. It will then cover the three shooting platforms (to include rules/requirements for each, loading techniques, zeroing, and at home training techniques). 

Finally, Martin-Nims will cover stage movement, transitions & positional shooting, strategies for stage planning, and gear & equipment – to include a “try on” session.Martin-Nims is a mother of 3, military spouse, scientist, and firearms instructor. She started shooting 15 years ago. Her 1st date with her husband ended at the range and she keep him and the guns. Her goal is to embody each student with the tools to compete successfully while empowering them in all aspects of their life.

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3GN Instructor Tennille Chidester

Ladies-Only Intro to 3-Gun Clinic
September 16th and 17th, 2017 at Richwood Gun and Game Club 
Richwood, Ohio

This Ladies-Only Intro to 3-Gun Clinic is a two-day comprehensive course for the beginning 3-gunner and presented by Valkyrie Training. The class will be led by 3-Gun Nation's very own Tennille Chidester, who brings nearly 2 decades of 3-gun experience to the table and is one of the most accomplished women in the sport, with expertise which goes well beyond mere competition and includes years of major match direction, sponsor management, and national-level administration. Tennille will be joined by Jordan Blake, owner and operator of Valkyrie Training and a dynamic instructor with a laser-focus on making her students comfortable and competent in the fundamentals of marksmanship. Blake cultivated her instructional style and developed her holistic approach to firearms training curriculum during her time in the US Army. She is also an accredited Range Officer with 3-Gun Nation. 

This course will begin in the classroom and will start with a review covering function, safety and manipulations of each of the three firearms platforms, as well as an introduction to common 3-gun terms and in-depth explanation of the 3-Gun Nation rulesets and a discussion of variations often seen at outlaw matches. Afternoon of day 1 will find students on the range where hands-on exercises will reinforce the morning’s classroom instruction and help to refine and cement fundamental marksmanship skills. Instructors will also demonstrate and coach commonly-used methods for transitioning between firearms while shooting a stage. Lunches on day 1 and day 2 will provide an opportunity for students to interact with instructors in an open Q&A format covering topics such as gear, where to spend your money, and how to practice. 

While day 1 is part classroom/part range... day 2 is all live fire! You will receive an instructor-led approach through three stages of increasing difficulty using a “Crawl – Walk – Run” method allowing each student to incrementally build upon their foundational knowledge. The goal of this course is to develop your skills to a level of proficiency which leaves each shooter feeling capable of successfully competing in a full match. Every student will walk away with enhanced confidence and a wealth of new knowledge, as well as workbooks full of information and notes to enable them to continue their training individually. 

Owner and operator of Valkyrie Training Jordan Blake (top right) with a ladies class.

The class will be taking place at Richwood Gun and Game Club who is an official 3-Gun Nation Club Series range and has graciously waived their range fee so that this 2-day class can be offered at a reduced cost.

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