3GN Long Range Team Match Scores a "HIT"

Thursday, September 7, 2017

3GN’s Newest Discipline Garners Strong Reviews From Competitors

Several teams participate in 3GN’s inaugural Long Range Team Match at the Clinton House in South Carolina recently, and the feedback has been extremely positive. The blend of long-range rifle presentations with fast, close pistol work, this time in a team format, challenged competitors from both the precision and 3-Gun community.

“Our first team match was a success,” said 3GN Long Range Director Joe Burdick. “The overwhelming feedback from the competitors was that they had a great time and enjoyed the stages, props and stage design.”

The devil is always in the details, and Burdick, Charles Sole and 3GN’s veteran crew of Range Officers converged on the Clinton House to devise a challenging course of fire.

“I think we hit the sweet spot of target size versus range just right,” Burdick said. “The competitors all loved the reactive nature of the MGM Flashers,” Burdick said. “Hits were easy to see, and unlike most long-range matches, we never heard any protest that a hit wasn’t called.”

The match staff solicited comments following the match, and the feedback suggests 3GN Long Range has an exciting future within the full compliment of 3GN Programs:

“It was a great blend for speed and accuracy.”

“My only suggestion is to have another one ASAP.”

“Safety was clearly thought out and respected the entire time.”

“First of all, let me say that my overwhelming sentiment is I had a great time at the match this weekend. The stages were a blast, the people were fantastic.”

Criticisms were taken into account as well, with shooters asking for more flat grounding areas for precision rifles (such as on the ground with bipod extended), instead of 3-Gun-type dump buckets. Competitors also overwhelmingly asked that future matches include more pistol work!

“We intend to include pistol on more stages for future matches,” Burdick said. “This is in accordance with the competitor feedback we received after the match. Being a new discipline to the shooting sports, we take competitor feedback seriously and use it to bring a better product to our customers.”

"3GN Long Range is the perfect place for a 3-Gunner to test out the abilities of their AR," said 3GN Regional Series Director Charles Sole. "This program is a great way for 3GN to offer supplemental challenges to its base and the Long Range folks. It is a little run-and-gun, but long-range skill is needed."  

Get your own taste of 3GN Long Range at the upcoming Nosler Cup, Presented by MGM Targets and hosted by Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA), Oct. 21-22 in Bend, OR. Shoot 3-Gun, 3GN Long Range, or go for a unique combined title. Check HERE for more info on the Nosler Cup.

3GN Long Range Team Match, Presented by MGM Targets

Practical Division

1.     (1064.99) Terry Gower & Neil Hudpeth

2.     (1207.65) Edwin Gideons & William Powell

3.     (1224.77) Ray Helms & Greg Reynolds

4.     (1251.77) Greg Jordan & Rick Torres

5.     (1262.49) Jeff Barquin & Keith Pilgrim

6.     (1349.69) Buddy Brown & Kyle Sole

7.     (1429.03) Gabe Dietrich & Garrett Dietrich

8.     (1430) Jason Crist & Scott Whitehead

9.     (2035.19) Niki Clevenger & Heath Clevenger

10. (2257.17) Jason Emmons & Kyle Emmons

11. (2292.25) James Froelich & Luke Crawford

12. (2438.54) Tina Martin-Nims & Cindi Dietrich

13. (2561.45) Kelly Anderson & Shane Quan

14. (2803.81) Ketema Harris & Adolphus Jones

15. (3192.69) Randy Cone & Joey Collins

16. (3869.06) Keith Rutledge & Bryan Cramer

17. (3907.7) Robert Burns & Frederick Fusco

Unlimited Division

1.     (1497.27) Myric Brown & Greg Chris

2.     (1593.11) Eric Sherrer & Luke Scala

3.     (761.55) Jamie Ogburn & Paul Jenkins

4.     (2004.99) Lee Satterfield & Chase Wheeler

5.     (4402.02) Christi Conner Tate & Selina Bradshaw

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