Danner Sponsors 3GN Nosler Cup, “King of the Range” Weekend

Friday, September 15, 2017

High-Quality Work, Hunt & Tactical Boots Up for Grabs for 3GN Members

Danner has agreed to sponsor the upcoming 3GN Nosler Cup and King of the Range competitions at Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) in Bend, OR, Oct. 21-22.

Danner is an American company known for crafting boots to the highest standards since 1932, supplying all branches of the U.S. military with combat and duty boots. Whether for work or recreation, all Danner boots utilize tough, quality components, such as Vibram and Gore-Tex, building premium-quality boots for combat, uniform, hiking and hunting, as well as occupational footwear for men and women.

“Danner boots are built to provide rugged performance on the range, on the job and in the field,” said Pam Lo, Product Line Manager, Danner.  “Danner enthusiastically supports the shooting sports, and the Nosler King of the Range is a great opportunity to support our customers and 3-Gun Nation in our own backyard.”

3-Gun Nation has partnered with Nosler, MGM Targets and COSSA to create a unique competition weekend. The Nosler Cup 3GN Long Range Match, presented by MGM Targets, will be comprised of approximately 10 stages of challenging precision shooting. The Long Range portion will be a two-day match, with competitors shooting both Saturday and Sunday.

The Nosler Cup 3-Gun Match, hosted by COSSA, will be a one-day competition, featuring 5-6 stages. The 3-Gun Match can be completed either Saturday or Sunday.

The Nosler King of the Range, presented by MGM Targets and COSSA, will be a combined-match format, spread over two days of competition. One day will feature approximately five stages of Long Range, with the other day comprising of five stages of 3-Gun.

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