3GN Southeast Regional Championship Set

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kick Off the Season in Sunny Florida; Vote on Points Versus Straight Time Match!

The 2018 3GN Southeast Regional Championship is set for Feb. 24-25 at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, FL. This event will be a fast & furious bay-style match, with some technical challenges added into the mix, making for a great challenge to kick off the season in sunny Florida!

Veteran 3GN Range Officer Larry Goedhart will lead the charge as Match Director, while Joe Burdick assumes the role of Range Master. Chris Kanel, who has designed and built countless stages for 3GN over the years, returns as Chief Stage Builder for the 3GN Regional Series. Finally, Tennille Chidester resumes her role to oversee all administration and match logistics. Additionally, Bobby Walla, 3GN Ohio-based Club Director, as well as Ryan Wiggins, 3GN Arizona-based Club Director, have joined the team in support roles for the 3GN Club Series and general organization logistics.

Registration is open now, go HERE to sign up for the 2018 3GN Southeast Regional Championship. 

"Everyone at 3GN is excited at the team we have assembled and the plans for 2018," said 3GN President Pete Brown. "We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and excitement for the 2018 program so far. We've had some very talented people help 3GN develop its competition program over the years and we're excited to see that continue."

In addition to key additions to its support staff, 3-Gun Nation will also employ the insight of its general membership and Club Series Match Directors to make overall rule and competition improvements. "We are also very excited to make member-based improvements moving forward to enable the 3GN Membership the chance to decide how we base our competitions," Brown said. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Also, additional dates and information regarding the remaining 2018 3GN Regional Series will be going out within the coming week. Events returning to Minnesota and Virginia will be released, along with updated information on next season's 3GN Nationals. Additionally, 3GN is excited to unveil a brand new event at a location that will test Members physically, as well as long-range skills and the ability to negotiate natural terrain! 

Pro Series, Classifications & Class Shoot-Offs

2018 will see the continuation of the 3GN Pro Series, with a twist. There will now be three ways to qualify for the 3GN Championship!

1. The 3GN Pro Series will continue for returning and newly qualified Pro shooters. It will be the familiar elimination format, with a shoot-off, all filmed and aired on 3GN Live.

2. The 3GN Regionals will include Class Shoot-Offs, building on the pilot competition conducted at Nationals this season. Each Class, based on 3GN Club Series scores, will have Shoot-Off opportunities at 3GN Regionals in 2018.  

3. The 3GN Club Series will be the final route to the 3GN Pro Series Championship. Based on Classifiers, top shooters for the season will be invited to take their shot against the best. 

Final details will be released soon with a full description of the 2018 Pro Series, Class Shoot-Offs and the 3GN Championships!

Vote Now on Points Versus Straight Time!

3GN wants to hear from you! Several Members have approached us recently regarding looking into switching over to Points for 3GN Regionals. Well, we're listening, and here's a poll where you, the 3GN Member, can shape the rules that govern our sport. Vote now for the Southeast Regional Championship, whether you want 3GN to stay with straight time-plus, or use the method of converting each stage to points. 

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