3GN Introduces Pro Series Target

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

By Chad Adams

There are several “new” aspects to the 2012 3-Gun Nation Tour—a new place to play for the top pros in the 3GN Pro Series, and with that new guaranteed cash payouts at the two 3GN-produced events, with $10,000 to the top three shooters from Stag Arms as well as a $16,000 pot paid to the field. And to win all that cold, hard cash the top 3-gunners in the country will have to learn a new target as well.

The 2012 3-Gun Nation Pro Series marks the debut of the 3GN Pro Series Target. Developed by 3GN Director of Competition Rob Romero, along with 3GN staff and Birchwood Casey, the new 3GN Pro Series Target delivers reactive paper for the made-for-television events, while increasing the challenge of the game itself.

The Pro Series Target, a circular target that draws from competitive shooting’s Bullseye roots, features two scoring areas—a 17.25-inch secondary zone, or “B” zone, and an 8-inch primary zone, or “A” zone. One hit in the A zone is considered a neutralized target, or two hits anywhere in the B zone.

Utilizing Birchwood Casey’s Dirty Bird target technology, the A zone is colored red, while the B zone is black. However, both zones pop white when struck by a bullet.

The Pro Series Target will see use at extremely close range for both rifle and pistol, as well as use as extended ranges as a rifle target. However it’s the close-range targets, and the shooters’ ability to see a first-shot A-zone hit, which should make for exciting shooting.

“Competitively speaking, it gives us a traditional Bullseye-style target—a widely accepted target,” said Romero. “Secondly, it’s reactive, so we have instant feedback. It will save competitors time as they will have immediate feedback after they break that shot. For both the TV viewer, and the competitor, we have the ability to immediately see target impacts and follow the shooter as he progresses throughout the course of fire.”

The two 3GN-produced Pro Series matches also presented an opportunity for 3GN to create more uniform target presentations, standardizing the method in which rifle, pistol and shotgun targets are presented at 3GN matches. The standardized targets create a made-for-TV match that should prove extremely fast, yet remain easy to set up and reset.

“Along the lines with paper target, we’ve standardized steel targets and distances,” Romero said. “With reduced sized targets at closer distances, we get the difficulty we’re looking for. But logistically, because targets are closer the reset time is reduced, while competitors can call their own shots.

3GN Pro Series competitors will enjoy targets that a consistent look and feel within the framework of a match. Also, redesigned bases for steel knock-over targets should increase the repeatability and consistency of the steel target performance in Pro Series matches—meaning, when these targets are hit they fall to score!

“We redesigned the bases so they will fall more reliably and consistently, as intended when struck by a bullet,” Romero said. “It should also make reset more reliable.”

The Pro Series Target and redesigned steel bases and targets will be in use March 31 at the Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine, FL when the 2012 3GN Pro Series kicks off, featuring 64 elite 3-gun competitors battling for the largest cash payouts in the sport. For more information on the first match of the 2012 season, go to http://3gunnation.com/the_series/2012_3gn_pro_series_event_1_presented_by_stag_arms.


Eds. Note: A cardboard paper version of the Pro Series Target, designed for 3GN Clubs, will be available through MGM Targets in late March.


3-Gun Nation Pro Series Rules

SECTION 3 – TARGETRY (3GN Pro #1 & #3):

1. 3GN Stage Criteria:3GN stage criteria is streamlined to accommodate the use of overlapping targets and multiple stage strategies. Each stage will be "shooters choice" in regards to strategy and execution.

RIFLE: Competitor's rifle can engage round steel and reactive paper targets.

10” & 4” Round MGM knock down plates (50yds-150’ min to 100yds-300’ max) target range.

The 3GN official Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-See Paper Target (17.25” black scoring circle and an 8” red center circle)

(3yds-9’ min to 100yds-300’ max)

PISTOL: Competitor's pistol can engage all round steel, square steel as well as reactive paper targets.  


10” & 4” Round MGM knock down plates (7yds-21’ min to 15yds-45’ max)

The 3GN official Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-See Paper Target (17.25” black scoring circle and an 8” red center circle)

(3yds-9’ min to 50yds-150’ max)

4”x10” Square MGM knock down plate (7yds-21’ min to 10yds-30’ max)

SHOTGUN: Competitor's shotgun can engage square steel and clay pigeons only. 


4”x10” Square MGM knock down plate (7yds-21’ min to 10yds-30’ max)

Champion Official Standard Clay Pigeons (3yds-21’ min to 10yds-30’ max)

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