Samson Manufacturing to sponsor 2015 Ladies Pro Series

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Much has changed heading into the 2015 3-Gun Nation television season. As many may know, 3GN has changed its Pro Series to an elimination style format in an effort to reach broader audiences on the Sportsman Channel. However one thing remains the same this season, and that's the support for the Ladies Pro Series from Samson Manufacturing. 

Now on its 3rd year, the Ladies Pro Series grand prize of $25,000 will once again be sponsored by Samson Manufacturing. Proprietors Scott and wife Cathy Samson have been the founding support for the Ladies Pro Series and it remains today. "We're truly honored to be a part of the 3-Gun Nation Ladies Pro Series again this season" said Cathy Samson, co-owner of Samson MFG. "Scott and I have really enjoyed watching these ladies compete each season while they showcase their exceptional talents in this exciting competition on TV."

Just like the men's Pro Series, the Ladies Pro Series will work in the same "elimination" style format featuring 2 events with 6 ladies each. Each event will feature 4 stages of fire and each stage competitors are cut until only 2 remain. Those final 4 ladies will advance into the championship where they will go head-to-head for the Samson Manufacturing grand prize "big check" of $25,000 cash. 

In the past two seasons it has been all Lena Miculek, winning both the 2013 Ladies Pro Series Championship in Las Vegas and then again in 2014 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However this new Pro Series format has been very unpredictable as shown with former Pro Series champion Keith Garcia's elimination from the first event this past March, with Pro Series newcomer Mark Ziebart taking the match win. With notable contenders like Lena Miculek and Randi Rogers along with newcomers like Reanna Kadic and Ashley Rheuark, it will be interesting to see who survives and advances into the championship round. 

Be sure to tune into the Sportsman Channel this summer to see the action unfold on screen. Armalite's 3-Gun Nation, presented by NRA Sports will hit the airwaves Monday nights at 10:00 PM EST during the "Lock and Load" block of programming. To learn more about Samson Manufacturing visit or on Facebook at


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