Taccom Xtreme Xtensions

Monday, November 2, 2015

With a thicker aluminum wall at nearly 1/8-inch thick, Taccom’s new Xtreme Xtension shotgun tubes are billed as rugged and guaranteed to not break.

The three-piece tube is modular in design, giving users the ability to add extensions, without the need for a coupler, until the desired capacity is reached. Capacity can be increased in intervals of +3, adding from three up to nine rounds.

The end cap is diamond knurled and can be screwed into the extension nut for hunting applications. The Xtensions will be available in black anodized or a dark green finish.

Variants will be offered to fit most popular semi-automatic and pump-action shotgun designs.

For more information or to purchase today, go to taccom3g.com. 

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