2016 3GN Regional Championships Registration Dates

Thursday, December 3, 2015

3-Gun Nation will open registration to the five 3GN Regional Championship events that comprise the 2015 3GN Regional Series, beginning Monday, Dec. 7. Registrations will be divided up this year, with a new match opening up online every other day until the final registration on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

The Regional Series maintains its presence at three venues utilized in 2015, while an old one returns, and another makes its debut to 3GN members. The Series begins with a range new to 3GN, but one that is no stranger to practical shooting, with Frank Garcia’s Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, FL playing host to the Southeastern Regional Championship Feb. 27-28. On April 2-3, 3GN returns to Hoover, AL, to Brocks Gap Training Center for the 3GN Southern Regional. Marble Falls, TX and the Copperhead Creek Shooting Club remain apart of the series as well, with the 3GN Southwestern Regional May 14-15. On June 18-19, 3GN returns to South Carolina’s Clinton House Plantation for the 3GN Eastern Regional Championship. Finally, the qualifying matches conclude with a return trip to St. George, UT for the 3GN Western Regional Championship Sept. 10-11.

The 3GN Regional Series, along with the 2016 3GN Pro Series, will conclude with another championship weekend, this time at Virginia International Raceway, arguably the most talked about shooting venue in the country following the 3GN Regional match there last season. 3GN Nationals, part of the 3GN Championship & Shooting Sports Expo, will wrap up the 2016 season in a venue that has no equal in terms of facilities—ranging from the shooting, both bay and natural terrain opportunities, to top-flight lodging, to onsite dining facilities, not to mention the world-class racing taking place simultaneously with most 3GN events. It’s a tremendous venue you have to experience in order to fully appreciate.

The 3GN Regional staff of Charles Sole, Tennille Chidester, Bryan Corry and Chris Kanel return, along with the addition of Mike Sexton as Range Master for the entire series. Sexton, match director of 3GN Club Upstate 3-Gun at the Clinton House, will officiate each event, as well as conduct two training classes at each 3GN Regional event: 3GN Range Officer certification training and 3GN 3-Gun 101. 3GN Director of Competition Rob Romero will also be part of the training classes.

With registration coming in the middle of the holiday season, all payments due will be pushed out until after Jan. 1. However, all registrations will be secure until a time that you receive payment deadlines via email. Each scheduled registration will go live at 9 PM EST on the respective day. 

3GN Regional Championship Registration Schedule

Feb. 27-28 – 3GN Southeastern Regional Championship; FL – Registration opens Dec. 7

April 2-3 – 3GN Southern Regional Championship; AL – Registration opens Dec.  9

May 14-15 – 3GN Southwestern Regional Championship; TX – Registration opens Dec. 11

June 18-19 – 3GN Eastern Regional Championship; SC – Registration opens Dec. 13

Sept. 10-11 – 3GN Western Regional Championship; UT – Registration opens Dec. 15

Oct. 8-9 – 3GN Nationals, part of 3GN Championship & Shooting Sports Expo; VA – Registration upon invite, beginning in September

For more information, see the match pages within the membership site: http://memberships.3gunnation.com/Events.


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