3GN National Series


3GN Nationals Qualification Levels

Level 1 Qualification: 3GN Pros; 3GN Regional Championship Winners; 3GN Club Champions; Top 25 Semi-Pros
Level 2 Qualification:
 Top 5, all divisions, 3GN Regional Championships (each match); top 5 ladies and juniors (series overall), 3GN Regional Championships; top 10 ladies and juniors, 3GN Club Series (series overall)
Level 3 Qualification
: 3GN Regional Series Competitors
Level 4 Qualification: 3GN Club Series Competitors

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR CLUB SERIES COMPETITORS: Members must shoot 1 classifier in order to receive a 3GN ranking and compete in 4-Classifiers to be eligible for any points towards Nationals qualification. For a Level 2 invitation, there must be at minimum 4 other competitors in your division, also with 4 scores, to be eligible for Nationals qualification (via winning your division at your home club). Be advised that Club series shooters that don't win their division can still get invited through a Level 4 qualification (should the Nationals not fill to capacity via levels 1,2 or 3)

What this means: To win your division at your club you must shoot at least 4 classifiers. The accumulative score of those 4 classifiers, in your division, at your club, is the basis to which a division champion is crowned at your club – and to which a Level 2 invite is issued. Note: Per 3GN rules, to simply achieve your basic 3GN Classification, which has no bearing on a Nationals invite, your scores can be submitted from any active 3GN club. 

The tiered Qualification slot process will work as follows: All Level 1 3GN Members have their slots guaranteed. All Level 1 members must be included and guaranteed due to pre-existing programs within 3GN, as the 3GN Qualifier will now be housed within the framework of 3GN Nationals.

All other Levels will be awarded until the match is full, in order. Once the match is reaching a near full limit, the slots will be awarded based on merit within a Level position. For example, if slots are available down to Level 3, which is all 3GN Regional competitors, slots will then be awarded in order based on highest one individual match finish, regardless of division. If competitor A has an 87.33, and competitor B’s highest score is 73.33, competitor A gets awarded the slot first, and so on. Match slots for 3GN Nationals will be awarded in this fashion, based on merit, until all match slots are full.

Scores will be based on the highest single Regional Championship score for Regionals, and highest four-Classifier scores for Club Series. Of note, 3GN Pros must compete in at least one 3GN Regional Championship match in order to be considered for Level 1 Qualification.

3GN Nationals Awards
Division Winners: Practical, Unlimited, Factory, PCC, Heavy Sport and Heavy Optics (provided each division meets minimum of 10 competitors registered).

Classification Awards: Highest Overall Score, each division: Expert, Pro, Semi-Pro, High Marksman, Marksman. Classification will be based on earned Classifier Standing prior to event start.

Classification Updates: 3GN Nationals itself will re-classify competitors based on overall match finish (to go upward in class only).

Prize Table: The 3GN Nationals prize table will be walked in overall order of finish, regardless of Classification or other categories.

All those interested in registering are encouraged to ensure their 3GN Membership is active and up to date prior to attempting registration, as all slots are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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